Crowfall is ready!

Crowfall is finally launching it’s beta! The game play is very similar to old school Shadowbane..

Vanilla was a failure

After all that I have tried, the use of the more modern board vanilla is not working out as desired. The janky admin fails to load on a regular basis. I am going to be blowing our the… Read More

2016 come and gone!

I can’t believe it is nearly next year. This has been long year of long work hours but I did manage to rack up almost 300 hrs in Grim Dawn since I started playing last dec in early… Read More

CrowFall Skills and Advancement revealed!

CF has a different take on skills and attributes. I am very intrigued with the way they plan to handle your in game characters. . Having an inventory item that can represent your in game form is… Read More

Grim Dawn Nears Completion! (or How I have come to love the grind)

Grim Dawn just released build 28 to the wild which added the last dungeon in Act 4 and the only piece remaining is the end boss battle. This game is well worth the price of entry and I… Read More

Crowfall ! I need you now!

I gaze across the landscape of upcoming games and I am severely saddened by the outlook. The latest rash of games are just other editions of their predecessors with a bit more shine and a bigger release number…. Read More

In the thick of summer ..

time flew by so fast that I didn’t to post anything. Not a lot of games other than hitting up Grim Dawn more now that they rolled out their last class, the Shaman.

Happy New Year ?

I am a bit late, but that’s life when 2 daughters are dragging me all over the place. I took a little break from MMOs and online gaming in general since that ArcheAge fiasco. Now that I am… Read More

Hero Academy: 2130 Hrs Played

This has got to be a record of some sort. I play this game daily but I didn’t know that I have been playing it for that long.

Fuck you HackerShield and Fuck you ArcheAge

So I had purchased a founders pack of ArcheAge to give it a try , unfortunately, AA’s antibot/hackz software HackerShield keeps crashing me to the desktop. I tried everything on their list of “fixes” but most of them… Read More