Grim Dawn Nears Completion! (or How I have come to love the grind)

Grim Dawn just released build 28 to the wild which added the last dungeon in Act 4 and the only piece remaining is the end boss battle. This game is well worth the price of entry and I am dividing my time between this and PoE .

Fallout 4 and Star Wars BattleFront were also released last week and I have been playing a butt load of BF . It captured the star wars feel … even though game play may not be varied enough for hardcore shooter fans, for a casual shooter player , it hit my fix just right.

Fallout 4 is a great entry in the series , but it is a typical Bethsoft faire with some launch day issues and some systems that seem kind of bland. Thankfully the mod kit is being released soon so I would just advice everyone to wait and let the mods develop to help enhance the game.

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