DarkFall has returned! Kind of …

I am excited by this! Two different ways to play a great game that has been lost to the ages. I am going give the free one a go this weekend to see it is worth it. https://darkfallnewdawn.com/my-account/… Read More

2016 come and gone!

I can’t believe it is nearly next year. This has been long year of long work hours but I did manage to rack up almost 300 hrs in Grim Dawn since I started playing last dec in early… Read More

Grim Dawn Release on Feb 26 2016

I am very excited to see that Grim Dawn is getting the final build and an official release date ! The latest build fixes a number of lingering issues, ramps up performance and resets a few skill trees… Read More

CrowFall Skills and Advancement revealed!

CF has a different take on skills and attributes. I am very intrigued with the way they plan to handle your in game characters. http://crowfall.com/en/news/the-big-reveal-crows-and-vessels/ . Having an inventory item that can represent your in game form is… Read More

Grim Dawn is feature complete with latest update!

Good news everyone! Grim Dawn is nearly done. http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=28422 One last patch planned before the game leaves early access is February. I haven’t had a chance to get into the new content yet, but hopefully this holiday break… Read More

Grim Dawn Nears Completion! (or How I have come to love the grind)

Grim Dawn just released build 28 to the wild which added the last dungeon in Act 4 and the only piece remaining is the end boss battle. This game is well worth the price of entry and I… Read More

Crowfall ! I need you now!

I gaze across the landscape of upcoming games and I am severely saddened by the outlook. The latest rash of games are just other editions of their predecessors with a bit more shine and a bigger release number…. Read More

In the thick of summer ..

time flew by so fast that I didn’t to post anything. Not a lot of games other than hitting up Grim Dawn more now that they rolled out their last class, the Shaman.

Card Hunter Now on Steam!

My favorite online CCG is now on Steam! Go now, buy it play it!

Happy New Year ?

I am a bit late, but that’s life when 2 daughters are dragging me all over the place. I took a little break from MMOs and online gaming in general since that ArcheAge fiasco. Now that I am… Read More