2016 come and gone!

I can’t believe it is nearly next year. This has been long year of long work hours but I did manage to rack up almost 300 hrs in Grim Dawn since I started playing last dec in early access.

Another game also drew some life from my cold dead heart, overwatch. I was skeptical at the class based shooter from Blizzard as I got burned by the diablo hype, but their free weekend even got me suckered in. After racking up 430 hours in team fortress 2 it was an easy transition. The game balance is there if and their trinkets to unlock are visual skins only, no pay to win.

Still waiting for Crowfall , by the time it is ready , I Am going to need a REALLY big monitor at a low resolution to make out the characters.

If you are on steam, battle.net or PSN hit me up!

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