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GW2 Beta!

The GW2 beta is under way and is great fun!



Beta link for GW2

Yes, its true. Beta signups now happening!


Beta Link!

GW2 The Full Dirty Load !

Some great details from the last beta preview.  Details on characters, skills, et al.



GW2 : Out this year?

It looks like it may be true according to the official Arenanet Blog!

Can’t wait!




SWTOR: The patch that killed PVP and the Game for ME

Well, that didn’t take long.  Patch 1.1 dropped, made some changes in PVP and now it is basically dead at high levels.  I was hoping that the PVP would get better as time goes on, but it looks like BW is taking steps in the wrong direction.  Already the Imperials are usually outnumbered by a 1:3 ratio on average across the servers. Now with the new patch, high level PVP areas became just farm zones for the under populated.  BW released a quick patch to put player caps on the high level zones, but still, the high end pvp is nothing more but a grind for xp and valor points.  Check out the link to watch opposing sides make use of a broken system and farm points and gear.

I think I am done with SWTOR unless they come up with a good fix . The bad thing about farming valor is that it gives great gear that makes a huge difference. The WZ system in SWTOR buffs everyone to level 50 , but doesn’t give you the skills/defense/armor. So you have level 11s with HP and Energy buffed to lvl 50 wearing level 10 gear and using level 10 skills trying to kill real level 50s with level 50 gear, level 50 skills.

The PVE is decent (great at times if you’re a big SW nerd like me) but the PVP is just not there. Time to unsub and hope it goes free to play.

So many games, so little time.

SWTOR is a big hit and I have been bitten by the bug. We are currently rolling on Ajunta Pall RP/PVP server as Republic . Come fight by our side!

Also, I have been getting back into CCGs and I am finding some great free ones that are fun to play online and don’t require any real world dollars to be fun and win.

Shadow Era is a perfect example. Signing up is easy and play is completely browser based. They also have an iOS app and Android app to play on the go. Wulven Studios is also moving to print all of their cards for offline play with friends. You can find out more at Wulven Studios. If you do plan to spend money on in game cards, at least buy the physical cards and get matching credits in game. I will have a more detailed post on this soon.

SBEMU Team is still hard at work. I am very excited for what they are going to bring us old timers who miss real PVP and guild sieges. Closed Beta is in progress!. Unfortunately most of the newer games don’t have any real risk in them any longer ::sad face:: .

Happy Gaming!

Star Wars: The Old Republic Early Access is now Live!

Got my email today and from insider information from a bioware employee that said the empire in beta was played at a ratio of close to 65/35 % emp/rep . So it looks like the republic are the underdogs.

Darkfall – Happy Hour in Agon!

Just got this in my inbox … maybe I will load it backup..


This weekend is Happy Hour all weekend long in Agon! *

For three days only, all players who at any time enjoyed a subscription to Darkfall Online, will be invited to a special event to revisit the world of Agon for a weekend of increased mayhem and madness!

Anyone who does not have a currently running subscription needs simply login via the Account Management Page, ( here for European accounts, and here for US accounts) click on the button to activate your free days, and enjoy the benefits of our Happy-Hour weekend! All running subscriptions will automatically have 3 free days added to their account and don’t need to take any action other than to log-in.

Check it out:

  • 400% Increase in all skill-gains!
  • All monster loot tables have been hijacked by the loot goblins!  Whole ships , warhulks, full suits of the most epic armors and many other treasures will be waiting to be looted off the monsters of Agon.  All you have to do is slaughter them and let your loot-bags bulge with riches!
  • All non-banned accounts will be re-activated for a three day period from Friday to Monday for free.  All you have to do is login as per the above instructions and begin carving your bloody path to glory!

We hope you will take advantage of this limited offer and we’ll see you for a weekend of pure Bedlam in-game!

*This offer lasts from Friday November 18th until Monday November 21st starting and ending at daily maintenance time around noon GMT. All non-banned accounts will become active, there is no further requirement or obligation. For any announcements regarding this event check in the Darkfall News Forum  


Account Management European Servers

Account Management North American Servers

Darkfall News Forums for Announcements:

The Darkfall Team.

MMOWGLI Round to Begin on Thursday!

A letter for you war gamers!


MMOWGLI players,

Get ready! In less than 24 hours the next MMOWGLI game is live. You’ll have about 78 hours to imagine the future of global piracy and how the U.S. Navy should innovate, adapt, and prepare to take on these new challenges.

MMOWGLI isn’t a video game: you play MMOWGLI with your ideas and your builds on other players’ ideas.

You don’t need to do any homework to get ready, but you can start thinking about:

• What new capabilities will the Navy need to prepare for the world of 2022?
• What new skills will Navy personnel need to be successful?
• What new spaces will the Navy be operating in 10 years?

Gameplay starts at 8am Eastern / 5am Pacific on Thursday and runs continuously until Sunday at 3pm Eastern / noon Pacific.

Once the game is open, you can get in at http://mmowgli.nps.edu/game

We’re running this MMOWGLI future-of-piracy game in multiple sessions: you’ll be in session, Alpha.

Two links will help you win at MMOWGLI:

• The game blog is a real-time source of announcements, mini-challenges, and feedback from the gamemaster team working behind the scenes. That’s at http://portal.mmowgli.nps.edu/game-blog

• Our Twitter stream will post individual ideas we find interesting or provocative. Watch here for ideas that spark your curiosity, or even your idea shared with the rest of the world. Our handle is @MMOWGLI and our general hashtag is #MMOWGLI.

See you inside the game!

— The MMOWGLI team