MMOWGLI Round to Begin on Thursday!

A letter for you war gamers!


MMOWGLI players,

Get ready! In less than 24 hours the next MMOWGLI game is live. You’ll have about 78 hours to imagine the future of global piracy and how the U.S. Navy should innovate, adapt, and prepare to take on these new challenges.

MMOWGLI isn’t a video game: you play MMOWGLI with your ideas and your builds on other players’ ideas.

You don’t need to do any homework to get ready, but you can start thinking about:

• What new capabilities will the Navy need to prepare for the world of 2022?
• What new skills will Navy personnel need to be successful?
• What new spaces will the Navy be operating in 10 years?

Gameplay starts at 8am Eastern / 5am Pacific on Thursday and runs continuously until Sunday at 3pm Eastern / noon Pacific.

Once the game is open, you can get in at

We’re running this MMOWGLI future-of-piracy game in multiple sessions: you’ll be in session, Alpha.

Two links will help you win at MMOWGLI:

• The game blog is a real-time source of announcements, mini-challenges, and feedback from the gamemaster team working behind the scenes. That’s at

• Our Twitter stream will post individual ideas we find interesting or provocative. Watch here for ideas that spark your curiosity, or even your idea shared with the rest of the world. Our handle is @MMOWGLI and our general hashtag is #MMOWGLI.

See you inside the game!

— The MMOWGLI team

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