Shadowbane Interview pt2

Here is an old interview I found while going through Massively (


Shadowbane 2 ?  Don’t tease me like that….


Hall: It’s been pretty cool to see elements of Shadowbane show up here and there in other MMOs. Games like Darkfall have obvious connections, but even games like Age of Conan reflect some elements, such as the siege system. Maybe it’s time for Shadowbane 2?

Coleman: I think Shadowbane has left its mark on a bunch of titles, both here in the U.S. and internationally — Shadowbane was suprisingly successful in China. But I haven’t seen any game attempt the same degree of strategy, with a fully dynamic world where players can build castles anywhere and then reduce them to dust. Occasionally I will read an article about a new castle siege system, and my ears perk up — but so far, every one I’ve encountered has revolved around a handful of designer-placed castles that the guilds are supposed to fight over, basically a pre-mapped game of capture the flag. That can still be a lot of fun, mind you, but I would love to see someone try to make a fully dynamic world simulator again.

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