SWTOR: The patch that killed PVP and the Game for ME

Well, that didn’t take long.  Patch 1.1 dropped, made some changes in PVP and now it is basically dead at high levels.  I was hoping that the PVP would get better as time goes on, but it looks like BW is taking steps in the wrong direction.  Already the Imperials are usually outnumbered by a 1:3 ratio on average across the servers. Now with the new patch, high level PVP areas became just farm zones for the under populated.  BW released a quick patch to put player caps on the high level zones, but still, the high end pvp is nothing more but a grind for xp and valor points.  Check out the link to watch opposing sides make use of a broken system and farm points and gear.

I think I am done with SWTOR unless they come up with a good fix . The bad thing about farming valor is that it gives great gear that makes a huge difference. The WZ system in SWTOR buffs everyone to level 50 , but doesn’t give you the skills/defense/armor. So you have level 11s with HP and Energy buffed to lvl 50 wearing level 10 gear and using level 10 skills trying to kill real level 50s with level 50 gear, level 50 skills.

The PVE is decent (great at times if you’re a big SW nerd like me) but the PVP is just not there. Time to unsub and hope it goes free to play.

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