So many games, so little time.

SWTOR is a big hit and I have been bitten by the bug. We are currently rolling on Ajunta Pall RP/PVP server as Republic . Come fight by our side!

Also, I have been getting back into CCGs and I am finding some great free ones that are fun to play online and don’t require any real world dollars to be fun and win.

Shadow Era is a perfect example. Signing up is easy and play is completely browser based. They also have an iOS app and Android app to play on the go. Wulven Studios is also moving to print all of their cards for offline play with friends. You can find out more at Wulven Studios. If you do plan to spend money on in game cards, at least buy the physical cards and get matching credits in game. I will have a more detailed post on this soon.

SBEMU Team is still hard at work. I am very excited for what they are going to bring us old timers who miss real PVP and guild sieges. Closed Beta is in progress!. Unfortunately most of the newer games don’t have any real risk in them any longer ::sad face:: .

Happy Gaming!

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