Do my eyes decieve me!??!?!?!? Another shadowbane EMU ? Looks promising and I will need to get in on this.

Now where is that blasted SB cd..

Thanks Gank!


Current Features

Postby Artyom » Fri Nov 29, 2013 6:45 pm
We hope to be beta by 11th Shadowbane Anniversary 25/03/2014!

✓ Simulation (multi thread)
✓ Quadtree base scene graph
✓ High resolution spatial hash map
✓ GPU base AABB Testing
✗ GPU base Ray Cast Line-Of-Sight
✓ Zone loading
✓ Character creating
✓ Character moving
✓ Structures
✓ Mobiles and sentinel
✓ Melee combat
✓ Mobile and sentinel behavior tree
✓ Guild creating
✓ Guild subbing / inviting
✓ Guild promoting / demoting
✗ Guild history lists
✓ Ruins
✓ Spell combat
✓ City creating
✓ Item creating
✓ Character equipping
✓ Character discipline runes
✓ GUI program for world edits
✓ Regeneration and drowning
✓ Contracts
✓ Player placed structure
✓ Structure Door locking
✓ Bane cities
✓ City destroying and capturing
✓ Spire creating
✓ Shrine creating
✓ Structure special effect
✓ City spells for spire, shrine and safe hold
✓ Runegates
✓ Mobile and sentinel respawn
✓ Seller type sentinel items buy and sell
✓ Trainer type sentinel give spells
✓ Structure managing
✓ City structure protecting
✗ City upkeep cost and hut renting
✓ Trainer and sentinel slotting to structures
✓ Structure and trainer sentinel upgrading
✓ Warehouses creating
✓ Mines capture
✓ Mine resources
✓ item random and resources rolling
✓ Elan stone when shrine exploding
✓ Resources when warehouse exploding
✓ Player pet mobiles
✗ City guard Mobiles
✓ Trebuchet sentinel attacking
✓ Hermit blessing sentinel spells
✓ Realm capturing
✓ Realm losing when tree exploding
✓ Realm boost for structure hp
✗ Realm subbing to guild
✗ Realm titles
✗ Realm taxing

Calling All MoC! Shadowbane needs you!

Hit the forums to discuss!

What is New? GTA V, MechWarrior Online, CardHunter and more!

GTA 5 is a blast. While there are some glaring issues with the aiming in the game, the overall experience has been great. I haven’t had a chance to dabble with GTA online yet, but there is a crew set up for those that would like to join me in raising havoc. Yes, that is Running wit Scissors.

The wonderful browser based game Card Hunter has been released. You can find it here: . It is a GREAT game to play by yourself or with friends. Look me up , I am drakkyn! The mechanics are easy to pick up and they are hard to master. Once you hit level 6, you can jump into to the multiplayer portion of the game and you now level up a separate party. My only beef with this great game is that is not playable on mobile devices as it requires flash.

Mechwarrior Online is also running full steam, er fusion , ahead. Power up your mech in this free to play game. You start off with a basic mech, but after playing for a few hours you should be able to save up enough winnings to buy your own. That is when the fun really starts. The mechs look and feel great. This is completely the opposite game of Hawken. Hawken is like playing TF2 in a mech body, but MWO feels like you are in a full mech battle sim. Great great game!

Wurm Online – Is it the new Shadow Bane?

Check out

This looks great thus far!

Perhaps everything we wanted in a PVP MMO ?

A new one for the watch list!

Trailers look great!   I hope they can live up to their plans.

Cubeworld! Cube World! CUBEW orld! CUBEwerld!

Stop what your doing, cause I’m about to ruin the images and styles that your used to.

If you haven’t heard about cubeworld by now, you must be living under a rock, or have kids. This is a great little game if you just want to run around explore the ever changing worlds and just kill stuff. Sure, there is crafting and building but Just seeing the sites is pretty neat!

I am working on setting up a server this weekend , so I will open it up for multiplayer for the Choas’d.

State of the Bane for SBEmu!

Looking good team!  I can’t wait to see this project come to fruition.

Shadowbane was the best PVP MMO out there.  It was great because you could level up quickly and enjoy the end game experience of battles.  The PVE was just there to facilitate PVP by having monster camps and lots of empty space between them.

The skill system employed was the most flexible I have seen … nothing comes close , save maybe for Path of Exile, but that is a different focus all together.

Speaking of Path of Exile( if you haven’t downloaded this FREE action rpg game, you are missing out.  This free to play game is right up there with GW2.  The addons to buy in the store are merely cosmetic or bank related which levels the playing field for everyone.

Sign up for Elder Scrolls Online Beta

Yeah, I know, another MMO ? What makes this better than the crap already out there?  Its TES!

Fill out the form !


My New Baby and my lack of playtime

All was well in the land until early one evening a cry erupted from the small bed next to mine.  (repeat x4 per night) and that is my life.  I feel like I have been in a sleep deprived/red bull amped fugue for the past few weeks.  I am the happy and proud father of Jemma Rose born on Sept 18th.

GW2 has been great thus far, everything a casual gamer like myself wants from a game.  PVP, autoleveling up for instanced and world PVP, PVE zones autoscale levels so that you can never be too high to group.   There have been a few updates thus far and it seems that ArenaNet is doing a good job thus far without breaking the classes.  They don’t seem to listen to the whiners on the forums, instead they use copious amounts of log data to base their changes on.

Good job ArenaNet!




Finally …. an update! Guild Wars2, Diablo 3, and more!

It has been a while since my last update and a lot has happened over the past 5 months.  Looking around you may notice a new skin I found and I think it works great with the theme of our site.   If you have any better options, post a comment or keep it to yourself!

I must say that I got conned into the hype that was Diablo 3.  It was a good playthrough the first time, on normal level.  Your character felt like a badass tearing the spines from the hordes of demons that were sent against you.  Then, after beating the normal campaign, this is where things went down hill.  Just as a precursor, I stopped playing before 1.03 patch so I don’t know if anything has been fixed since then.  My gripes are mainly due to the lack of item drops and the steep curve of progressively hard play that became a brick wall in Inferno .  Yes, I understand inferno was not designed to be completed easily in a single sit down and that gear was needed to be farmed to make you live through it, but there was a severe lack of drops of items that were appropriate to use .  Most of the rares were junked immediately because they were worthless.

Then comes the AH … ugh… I could shoot myself.  This was supposed to be THE Auction House to revolutionize Auction House’s in games.  the interface was horrendous.  You couldn’t filter effectively , you couldn’t sort the results by the column  and to top it off, you could only list 10 FUCKING items at a time.  10.  1.0.  Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?  No wonder all the good items were sold on the money auction house (which I didn’t use) just browsed.  You were forced to pay game gold to increase your inventory to hold shit you want to auction…. ridiculous.  I can keep going but you get the idea.   Blizzard dropped the ball on this big time.   D2 wasn’t spectactular, but it was a good game that still holds up to the test of time.  D3 is just a flash in the pan and will be quickly forgotten.

I am now playing Guild Wars 2 on the Jade Quarry server with The ShipWrecked Pirates ( .  The game is solid and a great step forward from GW1.   World PVP, instanced PVP, crafting, a great AH, et al.  I am excited to see what happens over the course of this games life.  I just wish I had more time to play.


I have a new baby due any day now, so my game time will increase if the baby is a night owl. ::fingers crossed::