Card Hunter Now on Steam!

My favorite online CCG is now on Steam! Go now, buy it play it!

Happy New Year ?

I am a bit late, but that’s life when 2 daughters are dragging me all over the place.

I took a little break from MMOs and online gaming in general since that ArcheAge fiasco. Now that I am no longer hot under the collar , I have been looking at some new properties out on the horizon. Crowfall ( looks great and I backed it on kickstarter . I hope the team doesn’t disappoint, but they know they have niche market they are targeting so hopefully they can fill the void.

I have also been playing some Path of Exile and Grim Dawn. PoE ( is still the best FREE game I have ever played and the company did the cash shop the right way. Grinding Gear Games hit a home run with this. Grim Dawn ( is still in Early Access phases, but it plays very well . The look and feel of their game world is robust and I am digging their take on the classes and skills I am currently running this and not dying every second. The death penalties are xp based and you have a chance to recover lost xp after dying. Very helpful in those long drawn out boss fights.

If you have time give Grim Dawn a look.

Hero Academy: 2130 Hrs Played

This has got to be a record of some sort. I play this game daily but I didn’t know that I have been playing it for that long.

Fuck you HackerShield and Fuck you ArcheAge

So I had purchased a founders pack of ArcheAge to give it a try , unfortunately, AA’s antibot/hackz software HackerShield keeps crashing me to the desktop. I tried everything on their list of “fixes” but most of them involve uninstalling/reinstalling and turning off services. No game should require this much prep work . Eve, Neverwinter , ShadowBane and 50 other MMOs run just fine on my PC, ArcheAge being the exception.

So I found a fix for hackershield. Uninstall!

Yep, no more worrying about crashing to the desktop. I uninstalled the piece of shit and now I am going to have a beer or three and try to forget I wasted two days on this fucking game.

/end rant

New Open Beta for Shadowbane

Well it looks like the crew over at have finally got their ducks in a proverbial row. The new beta phase will start on the 19th of Sept!

Greetings, Shadowbaner!

It’s the moment everyone has been waiting for. It’s time. The drums of war
have sounded and the nations of Dalgoth rally troops to back their cause;
alliances are forging and whispers of new nations and powers echo through
the world. Call your friends because it’s time to Play to Crush! Shadowbane
is going to open to EVERYONE on the 19th of September, and we have massive
groundwork in stability, new features, new balance and new hardware! This
is the open beta launch our entire community has been waiting for, for many
years. It’s the culmination of the hard work of our team, past and present
team members and the community’s resolve and ability to work alongside us
in forging a new history for Shadowbane. It’s an exciting time for

Discuss more here:

New Forums are UP!

The new forums are up. All post/user data was exported and seems to be working .

Log in and check it out. If you need help , just shoot me an email DRAKKYN AT Ministry of chaos DOT net

live long and prosper

Forum going offline for transfer to Vanilla

I am converting the phpbb forums to Vanilla to get some better usability out of it.

Tamriel Calls! Join the fight

The Ministry is opening a c chapel with the EbonHeart Pact on Tamriel. Interested ? Inquire within:

MagicBane Enters Beta Phase with a Wipe!

today at 11:59pm st petersberg(UTC+4) the devs will be wiping the MagicBane server and starting fresh.

Come join the fun!

Oh MagicBane, how do I love thee …

MagicBane is turning out to be a great joy to play. While it is definately laggy at times and there are some issues with bugs, it is still in a good state to play.

Finally guilded with the Planet of the Apes nation, we had my first bane in a few years last night. The bane was easily crushed and the city looked like new.

I remember now why I liked shadowbane so much … class diversity and easy leveling so that you can concentrate on your PVPing and City Building. The mob farms are just another commodity in a guilds tools to manage resources.

Check the forums, there was a post for a full client that one of the users was offering up.