New Open Beta for Shadowbane

Well it looks like the crew over at have finally got their ducks in a proverbial row. The new beta phase will start on the 19th of Sept!

Greetings, Shadowbaner!

It’s the moment everyone has been waiting for. It’s time. The drums of war
have sounded and the nations of Dalgoth rally troops to back their cause;
alliances are forging and whispers of new nations and powers echo through
the world. Call your friends because it’s time to Play to Crush! Shadowbane
is going to open to EVERYONE on the 19th of September, and we have massive
groundwork in stability, new features, new balance and new hardware! This
is the open beta launch our entire community has been waiting for, for many
years. It’s the culmination of the hard work of our team, past and present
team members and the community’s resolve and ability to work alongside us
in forging a new history for Shadowbane. It’s an exciting time for

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