Finally …. an update! Guild Wars2, Diablo 3, and more!

It has been a while since my last update and a lot has happened over the past 5 months.  Looking around you may notice a new skin I found and I think it works great with the theme of our site.   If you have any better options, post a comment or keep it to yourself!

I must say that I got conned into the hype that was Diablo 3.  It was a good playthrough the first time, on normal level.  Your character felt like a badass tearing the spines from the hordes of demons that were sent against you.  Then, after beating the normal campaign, this is where things went down hill.  Just as a precursor, I stopped playing before 1.03 patch so I don’t know if anything has been fixed since then.  My gripes are mainly due to the lack of item drops and the steep curve of progressively hard play that became a brick wall in Inferno .  Yes, I understand inferno was not designed to be completed easily in a single sit down and that gear was needed to be farmed to make you live through it, but there was a severe lack of drops of items that were appropriate to use .  Most of the rares were junked immediately because they were worthless.

Then comes the AH … ugh… I could shoot myself.  This was supposed to be THE Auction House to revolutionize Auction House’s in games.  the interface was horrendous.  You couldn’t filter effectively , you couldn’t sort the results by the column  and to top it off, you could only list 10 FUCKING items at a time.  10.  1.0.  Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?  No wonder all the good items were sold on the money auction house (which I didn’t use) just browsed.  You were forced to pay game gold to increase your inventory to hold shit you want to auction…. ridiculous.  I can keep going but you get the idea.   Blizzard dropped the ball on this big time.   D2 wasn’t spectactular, but it was a good game that still holds up to the test of time.  D3 is just a flash in the pan and will be quickly forgotten.

I am now playing Guild Wars 2 on the Jade Quarry server with The ShipWrecked Pirates ( .  The game is solid and a great step forward from GW1.   World PVP, instanced PVP, crafting, a great AH, et al.  I am excited to see what happens over the course of this games life.  I just wish I had more time to play.


I have a new baby due any day now, so my game time will increase if the baby is a night owl. ::fingers crossed::

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