My New Baby and my lack of playtime

All was well in the land until early one evening a cry erupted from the small bed next to mine.  (repeat x4 per night) and that is my life.  I feel like I have been in a sleep deprived/red bull amped fugue for the past few weeks.  I am the happy and proud father of Jemma Rose born on Sept 18th.

GW2 has been great thus far, everything a casual gamer like myself wants from a game.  PVP, autoleveling up for instanced and world PVP, PVE zones autoscale levels so that you can never be too high to group.   There have been a few updates thus far and it seems that ArenaNet is doing a good job thus far without breaking the classes.  They don’t seem to listen to the whiners on the forums, instead they use copious amounts of log data to base their changes on.

Good job ArenaNet!




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