Calling All MoC! Shadowbane needs you!

By on October 25, 2013

Hit the forums to discuss!

3 responses to “Calling All MoC! Shadowbane needs you!”

  1. Luune says:

    Not sure if you guys remember me from the SB days, but I'd like access to the forums to see if anyone was interested in playing the SB emulator. The public preview was awesome and a lot of our old enemies were leveling in safety (Crime Syndicate, Commanders Reborn, CN, etc)

    Personally I think it'd be a travesty if MoC didn't have at least a small presence on the emulator.

  2. buddie says:

    what happened to the old MOC site? does everyone need to register again? Seems like a waste of everyone's old contact information.

  3. mocadmin says:

    The old MoC site is on the forums. I just put up this blog as a front end to it… just click on the link for the fourms doom! (and pie)

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