Din’s Curse – Great Indie Diablo Clone

I have been playing a lot of Din’s Curse lately.  It is a great game from Soldak Entertainment (http://www.soldak.com/Dins-Curse/Overview.html) .  The graphics aren’t super awesome , but the game play is outstanding.  All dungeons, towns, and loot are all random.  No game will ever be the same!  With the Demon War expansion, there are a total of 196 different class combinations with an almost unlimited skill set.

At the start of the game, you can choose your standard archetype or choose to create your own hybrid class consisting of two of the skill sets in the base archetype classes.  The skill system is a point buy system, but treed.  So you aren’t required to purchase all the skills unless you want them.  The leveling also supports skill removal so that you aren’t bound to a particular build.

If you have a spare hour or two, this will definitely eat it up and make you wish you had more spare time.

The cherry on top is the game is fully moddable and supports multiplayer!




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