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Ministry of Chaos is a Evil/Chaos Role-play PvP based guild with a ‘pirate democracy’ governmental rule. Emphasis will be placed on Guild vs. Guild (GvG) based combat for the purpose of increasing guild power instead of Random Player Killing (RPKing). There will be plenty of opportunities to test one’s wit and steel. And! when we do so it will be with purpose, conviction, forethought and precision! All that join Ministry of Chaos will leave behind their previous politics and grudges. We are one guild, one team, one family. We fight to protect ourselves and our interests around the shard, not to satisfy bruised egos. When a member of Ministry of Chaos acts he acts for the entire guild. When you join us you embrace us.*

The one and only goal of Ministry of Chaos is to be the guild with the best team players in the world.**

By ‘pirate democracy’ we mean that every guild mate gets their fair share. The belief is that individuals know what’s best for them, how to spend their gold and decisions they make for themselves will be the best for them and in the long run for the guild. Guild leaders and inner council should not be trying to micromanage every aspect of city building, guild politics, city production, forming xp groups, etc. This will only lead to burnout by those with all the responsibility, lack of interest by guild mates that feel they have no say or that their ideas are not being heard or appreciated. Much of this will take form in decisions made in the guild and how city building is handled.

While everyone should play characters that are appealing to them, members should concentrate on building GROUP PVP based characters. Not solo killing machines or farmers.

Ministry of Chaos is a very unique guild because it is also an experiment in representative democracy in a mmorpg. If that didn’t scare you away then let me continue… By democracy we don’t mean that every guild mate will have to throw their vote behind every decision, but that guild mates will discuss all major decisions that don’t need immediate resolution amongst each other. Most of these discussions take place on the guild message board. Things that need immediate resolution will be handled by guild officers and leaders.

Running a quality guild takes a lot of effort from officers and members. The idea here is to decentralize the work, create a framework everyone can refer back to and establish a set of rules so that people have close to the same expectations. If everyone knows what to expect from each other then there will be fewer instances of people feeling as though they have been slighted.


* – We are not a cult.
** – And conquer the world.

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